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SohoSoHo is the international Showreel Directory, content management and promotional tool designed specifically for the advertising production community. Read More

SohoSoHo is free to browse, ideal if you are looking for the right talent for your next project. All the contacts, reels, latest work and stories you need to see and all in one place.

If commercials or content creation is your trade then a subscription to SohoSoho will allow you to publish your reels and be featured in a bi-weekly newsletter that is distributed globally by e-mail to over 80,000 industry people.

SohoSoHo's intuitive interface and tool set enable you to create, tag and publish showreels on SohoSoho and any other website you wish, including of course your own company or personal site. In doing so, you get the added benefit of our global content delivery network (CDN) which ensures that the media will stream efficiently anywhere in the world.

SohoSoHo reels and news feeds can also link directly with your social networking, letting you quickly cast out your announcements to your twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Stockroom London

Stockroom London was founded by people with over 25 years experience in advertising and broadcast media. Stockroom London identified there was a need for a storage and archiving company that had experience in handling and identifying film and video tape materials for media companies. Read More

All of The Stockroom staff are all familiar with handling and logging 35mm film, negative, DigiBeta tapes and more recently data drives. Service comes first, therefore they help clients by also offering storage of documents, props and furniture.

This background has proved valuable in working with other companies outside the media. As word about Stockroom London has spread they now work with legal companies, accountancy practices, property companies and PR companies. All enjoy the same fast, efficient and friendly service Stockroom London offers.


DataRoom, a brand new media-specific data centre in the Royal Woolwich Arsenal, is a collaboration between existing storage facility Stockroom London and digital media service provider ChilliBean. Whilst StockRoom London will continue to provide ultra-secure space for the archiving and storage of film, tapes, data drives, documents and related items, DataRoom has been constructed to provide a central access point for post-production and special effects companies to render content, alongside staple data centre services such as disaster recovery, server virtualisation and co-location. Read More

Both Stockroom London and DataRoom are on the site of the former British Library book repository in Woolwich's Royal Arsenal. Geo has extended its network from Greenwich a further 3km to new Crossrail hotspot Woolwich, using its agreement with Thames Water to deploy the fibre through the sewers. As well as providing complete diversity from other networks, the depth and security of the fibre virtually eliminates disruption from street works. It has also provided DataRoom with a direct point-to-point connection to TeleHouse West data centre in Docklands.

Clockwork Capital

Established in 1996 to provide broadcast television and presentation equipment finance, Clockwork Capital is renowned for providing an unparalleled service in the provision of a broad and competitive range of lease structures to suit clients' specific needs. Read More

Working with broadcasters, facilities houses, production companies, advertising agencies, corporate, educational and government organisations and with its specialist knowledge of the equipment and users Clockwork's flexible approach has ensured that clients receive fast, efficient service and long-term relationships are developed.

In addition to using its own fund portfolio Clockwork has access to substantial external funding through its relationships with major UK and European funders, adding value by widening the finance options available to clients.

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